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Our dive club was founded in 1983 for the purpose of  giving recreational divers an opportunity to share diving experiences and fellowship while having fun!  We are Lakeland's longest, continuous running Dive Club. 

The Loggerhead Dive Club welcomes all divers and those interested in diving

.  Divers of all levels are invited to meet and dive with us.  You, too, can become a Loggerhead Diver.

See our newsletter for current information: click here: newsltr


Loggerhead Dive Club, P.O. Box 6551, Lakeland, Florida  33807

Club Meetings: 1st Tuesday of each month, 7:30pm, I-HOP Resturant, US 98 North I-4, Lakeland, Florida


Art Dye ... President (Finally)  [email protected]
Bill Borchert...1st Vice President  [email protected]
Dick Combs...2nd VP Membership [email protected]
Pat Dye...Treasurer [email protected]
Sharon Collins...Secretary  [email protected]
Bill Collins...Newsletter  [email protected]

Bob Kinsey...Director -Programs  [email protected]

Leonard Wood...Director ( Believe it or not, no email)

Please e-mail us here with questions or information

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